Three generations of Master Tailors
Since 1928, Sartoria Sabino is synonymous with tradition and elegance in Naples and worldwide.
The Workshop
Warm, elegant and relaxed environment, in the exclusive Via Napoli venue in Casalnuovo di Napoli
The Venue
The exclusive Via Napoli venue in Casalnuovo di Napoli
Classic textiles like Italian linen and modern ones like Tasmanian wool enriched with precious rocks. Cottons, cashmere and finally, the highly prized vicuna, guanaco and chinchilla.
The Garments
Exclusive outfits, created entirely by hand, with an eye to the finest detail.

Needle and thread, master tailors at work, skilled hands cutting, high-quality fabrics, bright ideas, elegance and style characterize the work of these tailor’s hands and make it possible the accomplishment of unique models which reflect Sabino style and its incomparable details.


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Sartoria Sabino
80013 Casalnuovo, Napoli, Italia

T +39 081 842.27.24