Michele Sabino
Meets clients all over the world
Marcello Sabino
Coordinates the shop's handwork
Pasquale Sabino
The Master Tailor

I Sabino

Michele Sabino

Michele describes the house style as “not eccentric, but one which shows particular attention to details and the client’s vision”. This is the mantra championed by Michele, firstborn of the Master Sabino, in his trips around the world. During the routine trunk shows, Michele routinely meets his clients in the capitals and the world. His objective is to listen to the client, understand his needs, on the basis of which to then recommend the fabric and design best suited to him.

Availability and courteousness, both during the choice of fabric and during the delicate fitting phases, are fundamental for reaching the scope: to assist the client in achieving the image they seek.

Michele began following in his father’s footsteps at 18. His people skills and love of travel, passed down from his father, along with Michele’s commitment to make himself available to meet clients anywhere in the world Michele demonstrates his passion and commitment to his clients and his art.

Marcello Sabino

Extreme precision in the cut, the hardest tailoring phase, eyes unwavering from the stitching, with pinpoint spatial awareness, Marcello coordinates the shop’s handwork. A tailored garment is in a different class from one made-to-measure. Every garment is a story onto its own, insomuch as every client is different, which is why it can’t be done mechanically.

The utmost attention is paid to each client’s particular frame, as well as their defects that, however imperceptible, cannot escape an expert eye. From the cut of the basting, through the fitting phases and final consignment, Marcello Sabino follows a fabric until it becomes a garment.

He too, knows the clients intimately, without ever having met them.

Pasquale Sabino

In 1941, son of a local Neapolitan tailor, Pasquale Sabino decides as early as six to follow in the profession, as was the dream of many young men in Naples at the time. His father had launched a tailor shop in Piazza Nicola Amore that had to be ceded after his death in Germany during the Second World War. Pasquale does not give up, but rather hones his skills in the studios of the foremost masters of his day, Angelo Blasi. Pascuale in 1959, at only eighteen, opens his first tailor shop in Naples and only three years later, moves to one of the most choice hubs of tailoring of the capital: Piazza dei Martiri.

Throughout the 80’s, the Sabino tradition and style are in vogue with the capital’s elite, and in 1988 the Master Pasquale Sabino inaugurates his studio in Casalnuovo di Napoli. He carries on the sartorial tradition always cognizant of the trends and tastes while never failing in his goal: satisfying the client, producing garments that feel virtually imperceptible when worn, like a second skin.
On his pullover jacket: “it fits within a thread of fabric. The shape is reminiscent of a blazer. The sensation when wearing it is that of a cashmere pullover. No canvas, no horsehair, no interfacing. It can fold in your hand, like a handkerchief, and when you unfurl it, it finds its shape perfectly, with hardly a wrinkle. The pullover jacket has a hint of silk lining in the sleeves. It’s very uncomplicated with a simplicity that very difficult to achieve”.

The Master’s ambition drives him overseas: the new millennium brought Sabino to New York, where, in 2002 he opens the Sartoria Sabino USA, an American company through which he purveys his coveted “Made in Naples” garments. Today his name is renowned the world over with esteemed clients in London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Cairo, Tokyo, Bahrain, Doha, Seoul and Baku.
Since 2001 both the studio and the production department of the Sartoria Sabino have been headquartered at Casalnuovo in modern space of 10,000 square feet. In an elegant wood-paneled atelier, friends and clients from all over gather to select and have created for them unique garments reflecting the ultimate in menswear.

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