The garment is marked
Skilled hands sewing
The cut of the buttonhole
Fitting the jacket
Completed jacket
Fitting the trousers


Evening Garments

Formal and elegant, either striped, plain or pattered the recommended fabric patterns are often tone on tone and vey subtle.


Worn for evening galas and black-tie events. The jacket, black like the pants, is ventless and without pocket flaps. The jacket can be made in a variety of styles, ranging from single-breasted and shawl collar with a single button to a variety of double-breasted styles. The facing is made of satin or grosgrain silk.

The pants are always without cuffs with elegant trimming applied to the external seams on either side of the pants. The trousers typically are made without belt loops, but rather they’re held up by braces. Under the jacket one can wear a cummerbund and bow tie matching the lapels.

A chic summer option or a resort formal reception alternative is an off-white or ivory dinner jacket paired with classic black tuxedo trousers.


As the most formal garment for weddings and state occasions and balls after six in the evening, tails are not buttoned so the tailor’s task is to give the illusion of keeping the jacket closed without a button. The lapels are ideally satin, as are the trimmings of the pants, which have no cuffs. The vest and bow tie are starched cotton white piquet.

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