The Sabinos
Master Tailor, Pasquale and his sons Marcello and Michele
The team
Skilled and expert tailors
The studio
The atelier where the garments are created
The work
Tailors at work
The archive
Individual patterns are created for each client

The Workshop

An elegant, refined and luxurious environment, warm and inviting: the atelier in Casalnuovo di Napoli welcomes the clients to relax. Nothing is better than a little talk and a coffee to welcome the client
in the true Neapolitan tradition, The patron is guided through the workshop where they can observe the master tailors at work and also visit the pattern archive.

Before the fabric selection, they can experience and feel the finest textiles. The measurements are then taken and the details are decided on by the client. Soon the client is invited back for the fittings and eventually to collect his garments.

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Sartoria Sabino
80013 Casalnuovo, Napoli, Italia

T +39 081 842.27.24