The Finest Fabrics
From wool and silk, to special edition cotton and linen fabrics and Super Tasmania Cashmere, and finally the ultimate in luxury, Vicuna and Chinchilla the client can choose from a wide array of choice fabrics.
Various Compositions
Many weights, weaves and patterns. Various fabric compositions
Fabric Selection
The client can feel and experience the fabric that will eventually became their garment


Italy, Scotland, England, Belgium are just some of the countries the textiles are borne from to create a Sabino garment. Classic textiles like Italian linen, and modern ones like Tasmanian wool, specially commissioned cottons and cashmere and finally, the highly prized vicuna, guanaco and chinchilla are the staple of the house.

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Sartoria Sabino
80013 Casalnuovo, Napoli, Italia

T +39 081 842.27.24