The garment is marked
Skilled hands sewing
The cut of the buttonhole
Fitting the jacket
Completed jacket
Fitting the trousers



The construction of a garment

After the selection of the fabric, the first step in bespoke menswear begins with detailed measurements and the creation of an individual pattern for the client. This individualized pattern is archived at the atelier with the clients details and is modified from time to time should the clients measurements change. 

 The pattern is then placed on the fabric and the cutter begins his task. The client will typically have three fittings. During the first two, they will try the garment while it’s still being worked on, and the last will be of the finished garment .

Caring for a Sabino garment

Following delivery our garments are preserved in garment covers and special bags exactly as they are delivered. The shaped hangers subtly maintain the shape of the jackets as they are designed and made specifically to preserve the shoulder-line. Cleaning the garment is done exclusively by dry-cleaning by a specialized service provider on a as needed basis. As such, we advise seeking launderers equipped for the ironing of garments of haute couture. Regular brushing and careful steaming will help maintain the impeccable look of a Sabino garment.

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